Send money and pay all your bills
from one app 

Welcome to an entirely new way to manage your finances and payments

Send money and pay all your bills from one app 

Welcome to an entirely new way to manage your finances and payments

The Caribbean’s Premium Payment Solution

Introducing AwiPay

AwiPay is a Payments Platform that combines the world of Finance and technology to power the cashless commerce movement. AwiPay is the easiest way to send, spend, and pay your bills. The platform resides within a secure, fast and FREE Mobile application available on Google Play and the App store.

Why It Works

AwiPay transports (you or your business) into the cashless payment future. No more waiting in long lines or placing payments in the mail. The platform allows for instant payment transactions with your bills, merchants, donations and more from the palm of your hand.

Awipay For Individuals 

Want to access money sent from a family member abroad? Worry no more, with AwiPay you can now send or receive money from your friends & family creating instant accessibility to your cash when you need it most. Powered by our expansive network of partners AwiPay provides a turnkey solution that allows consumers to access an assortment of payment services, and more.

Attain good financial health & management

Top-Up Your cellular data

Pay common utility bills such as water, electricity & more…

Pay Government related bills

Donate to charity organizations

Direct deposit funds to your account

Access to online personal banking

Send money internationally and domestically

Pay for goods online with all participating sites

Access to discounts and coupons

Access to online banking & budgeting tools

Purchase a variety of goods & services on AwiMarketplace

Awipay For Business 

Do you want to extend more payment options for your customer & client base? We got you covered! AwiPay enables your business to render or accept payments in just a few clicks through our fast & secure platform giving you additional payment options and tools to optimize business.

Pay overhead costs related to utilities

Accept payment from customers in multiple formats

Secure payment portal

Access to a larger marketplace

24/7 customer service

International and domestic money transfers

Access to online banking & budgeting tools

Access online business banking tools

Accept payments in multiple currencies

Reduced transaction costs

Use AwiPay to for e-Commerce sales

Use your account for AwiMarketplace transactions

Quick and easy payments to over 100 companies

We partnered with Paymaster to provide you with the largest selection of payment and collections services in the Caribbean. Our partners span over 20 categories including: Cable, Education, Entertainment, Government Services, Loans, Insurance, Utilities and more.

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